The Ramadan Tent 2016

It’s hard to believe that the holy month of Ramadan is nearly over-it feels like only yesterday that we said Ramadan Kareem to all our family, friends and customers!

It has been a wonderful month with the team and utmost respect to our chefs for fasting and preparing amazing dishes for all to enjoy. We were introduced to The Ramadan Tent Project last year when one of our regular customers hosted an event in the Hiba Lounge. The Ramadan Tent Project is a wonderful initiative by PhD student Omar Salha and has been hosted by SOAS for the last few years. Donors include Muslim World League, Muslim Aid and Human Appeal.

The Ramadan Tent can also be found at: University of Manchester (UK), Plymouth University, (UK), Ndola (Zabia), Istanbul (Turkey), Portland (US) and Toronto (Canada).

The ethos of Islam is to feed the poor and homeless and to give and be charitable. The Ramadan Tent Project has fed up to 300 guests a night – Muslims and non-Muslims, fasting and non-fasting-in other words- no labels. The evening is a sit down event under a canopy where iftar is shared with family, friends and strangers and some evenings bring distinguished speakers to share words and promote the importance of community.