The wedding tables were ready
The wedding tables were ready

Thank you Colin and Magnus.

We were honoured to be asked to cater for one of our customers’ wedding who frequent our Mini Hiba branch. We were very excited as we love weddings – a happy occasion to bring family and friends together.

It was a beautiful day in Biddenden, Kent. We basked under the sun in the fields of Kent as we prepared a feast for 170 guests! As you can see, we were very busy and cooked up a storm. It was worth every moment as evidenced by the wonderful feedback from Colin, Magnus and their family and friends who welcomed us warmly on the day.

If you are interested in wedding catering, please do contact us by phone or email. Our managers will be happy to help.

What they said…

Dinner was spectacular, everyone loved it. Hiba totally made our day 🙂 … Yesterday, we had 20 or so people for leftovers lunch and everyone delighted in having the whole meal again… I am copying in family and friends, as I know everyone will want to let you know their thoughts on the wonderful contribution made by Hiba to our wedding.
All the very best Colin & Magnus xX

It was all beautiful, well done team Hiba

Thanks Hiba, everything was delicious and I heard loads of great feedback from guests – especially vegetarians/vegans who were really happy they were so thoroughly catered to.

Agreed! I don’t know how people even had room for lamb after all those delicious veggie dishes! Thanks Hiba!

Thank you Hiba for a magnificent feast. We were delighted to welcome you to our home and would happily recommend you to friends catering for a large occasion, such as ours. The food was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious.
Best wishes, Anna

The dinner was indeed absolutely delicious, one of the best wedding breakfasts I have ever had!

It was indeed a triumph. My godparents, who go to quite a few big do’s, and are pretty critical of many of them, declared it their best mass catering ever!

Hiba wedding food
Hiba wedding food
Lots of Delicious Dishes for the Wedding Guests
Lots of salads for lots of perople!
Lots of dishes for a lot of hungry guests
Lots of delicious dishes for the many wedding guests